Monday, October 29, 2007

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L 'Meeting approved by majority vote the following decisions: 1
. Article. 2 paragraph 3 of Governing Rules for the election of the constituent assemblies of the Democratic Party, Dario Franceschini, he was appointed Deputy Secretary of the party.
2. Also in accordance with art. 2 paragraph 3 Mauro Agostini he was appointed Treasurer of the party.
3. by November 30 will be set up groups of the Democratic Party at every institutional level;
4. the elected members of the Democratic Party will contribute to financing the party level (municipal, provincial, regional, national) territorial corresponding
5. November 24 in each province elected in the regional and national constituent assemblies elected by an absolute majority of those present and possible runoff between the top two, the Provincial Coordinator. In the case of the elected board on more provinces vote in the province with the largest number of electors in the same college. It is also a Provincial Coordination, composed of those elected in constituent assemblies, as well as the mayors and the Board's group leaders of the Democratic Party in the provincial capitals, the Presidents of the Province and the provincial leaders of the PD, the regional directors and members of parliamentary groups of the PD . The Provincial Co can extend to other people with the favorable vote of two thirds of the members stesso.Le Regional Constituent Assembly, convened on November 10, may include the creation of equivalent levels for particular situations at the provincial or territorial areas metropolitane.Al national secretary and secretaries regional delegation is given to ensure the safe management of the constituent phase, until the approval of the Statute, including through the establishment of collegiate bodies provisional.
6. by December 23 will be convened by the Regional Secretary in accordance with the Coordinators provincial assemblies of all voters in the primaries of 14 October to form the Democratic Party in the territories, in accordance with the rules adopted jointly by the National Secretary and Regional Secretary. Participants at meetings will receive a Certificate of "Founder of the Democratic Party."
7. Treasurer to the Assembly a mandate to take all legal acts necessary for the formation of the party in the transitional phase until the approval of the statutes by the Constitutional Assembly.
8. Watchdog functions of the party in the transitional stage shall be performed by the board of trustees of the primaries.
9. In fulfillment of the tasks in Article 2, section 1, the Assembly appointed three committees whose task is to provide by 31 January 2008, the draft Statute of the Manifesto of the values \u200b\u200band approval by the Code of Ethics' Constituent Assembly not later than February 28, 2008. Each committee is composed of 100 components assembly, half men and half women, as indicated by the candidates for the office of the Secretary, in proportion to the elected members in the assembly attached to each candidate. Each committee elects a Chairman and a Rapporteur, can organize their work in subcommittees, and prepares forms of consultation and involvement in the choice of components of the constituent assembly.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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I rislutati Castenaso

Here are the results of the villages and Castenaso

thanks due to those who came Sunday to vote and volunteers from 6 am held open seats
We for our part will continue to work because we believe firmly in this new project and because politics is getting closer to people.

Castenaso: 1337
Villanova 294 315
TOTAL VOTERS: 1946 National

Bindi: 10%
With Veltroni: 34% for Veltroni
Democrats: 45%
Read: 6% Adinolfi
White: 1%
Null: 3%

Caronna: 78%
Forge: 12%
Costs: 5%
Blank: Null
5% 1%

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adult Arcades Los Angeles County


Voting is Sunday, October 14 from 7 to 20
Castenaso : Hall E. Cupini, Via Gramsci 21 / d (next to the Coop)
Villanova : gazebo at the Tosarelli Flower Street, next to the Primary Schools of Villanova
Marano : Fractional Hall in Piazza Elio Mandini (behind the oven)
can vote if you have at least 16 years and you are: an Italian citizen, European citizen with residence in Italy, or a citizen of another country with a residence permit in Italy.
enough to vote and voter identification, for minors and foreign nationals only need the document, and the minimum contribution for the vote is only 1 euro.
are two cards and you vote for:
1) National Secretary of the National Constituent Assembly,
2) Regional Secretary of the Regional Constituent Assembly.
Voting putting a cross on one of the lists.
You will choose your leaders by voting for one of the lists that support it.
Equal opportunities are interpreted in the letter from the PD: the lists are composed of strictly alternating women and men.
And half of women are also leaders .