Thursday, February 12, 2009

Turbo Thunderbird For Sale

If you have a house in the freshwater turtle read the article very interesting and wide on their care, is Nico Delvino and you can get the web page / reptiles / pseudemys.html
Read it carefully!

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Who has never been tempted to take home one of those sweet freshwater turtles found in local markets and fairs, pet stores? Turtles, as well as other small animals are not toys, but very often fall into the wrong hands, in the hands of ignorant people who do not know how to behave in their care. Sold along with plastic containers, small struggle, even for a long time, since they have the misfortune to be highly resistant animals. The turtles need a large aquarium, heated with natural points of support, and a special lamp which recreates sunlight, which is essential to the turtles for the assimilation of the vitamins needed for growth, as well as a second light, powerful , which creates the conditions suitable climatic warming and the environment.
It 'necessary to discourage the market for freshwater turtles, as is fortunately the case for turtles. Do not Buy this one, especially if you know you can not give them the treatment they need not only for their survival, but for their welfare, which are two different things!