Friday, October 29, 2010

Credit Hack On Poptropica

No Holloween, we Catholics

No matter how you celebrate, no matter whether all this can be done ... "innocently" as the children for example. And 'the content is wrong.

God and life, on Halloween we celebrate death, magic, esotericism, and even Satanism. On 31 October, in fact, at midnight, the Satanists celebrate rituals and black masses in favor of Satan, sacrificing animals and innocent children on the altars.

God is not magic, God is not dead, God is not witchcraft. Halloween is a way to distract us from what every Christian should be respected, pray for their dead, for those of others, for the souls in Purgatory, who pray for us. That should be a night of respect, as the Holy Mother Church teaches us, and our God.

HALLOWEEN? NO, THANKS! I'm a Catholic!