Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research (GB Shaw)

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how it treats animals (Mahtma Gandhi)

animals feel not only affection, but want to be loved (C. Darwin)

Cruelty to animals is cruelty to the training of men (Ovid)

If it were possible to breed humans with cat , it would improve man, but certainly deteriorate the cat (Mark Twain)

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Since 2005, the Trieste city has banned the sale of freshwater turtles

Today in Trieste did not sell more 'water turtles
No more turtles in pet shops in Trieste.

The sale is prohibited by the City. It is 'enough' of an amendment to the regulation on protection of animals and the Municipality of Trieste, the first city in Italy, the shame of this trade, against which our website has fought for over a year, has ceased to exist.
The "operation" designed by Sadar Giuliano, president of the Coordination and Animals-Environmentalist Friuli Venezia Giulia Chiara Bernardoni, had the decisive help of the adviser City DS Fabio Homer who proposed the amendment.
The City for a few weeks has turned a deaf ear to the ban, hoping to apathy and Pilate attitude of the Regulations was to enforce it (police, rangers, police, guards zoophilic).
Then the protest campaign and the stream of e-mail to the mayor of Trieste, city council, the press and so on, have the effect intended.
still be necessary to ensure, but there is no doubt that a small first big goal was reached. This is certainly a partial victory: these animals continue to be a despicable trade elsewhere, and the problems of animal abuse are many.
But I think that at least two good indications can be drawn:
1 - Everyone can do something at home: the example of Homer Adviser Trieste, which is not really an animal, but the amendment is provided, means that finding the right people can do. It does not affect our campaign NOTURTLE addressed to the European Community continues (and we invite everyone to an effort to sign more petitions as possible): things can go hand in hand.
2 - The issue of 'environmental pollution "created by the turtles is currently more prize that purely ethical. Regulation Trieste part by the problem of crowding and lakes Stagnetti by turtles released after being bought in pet stores. So if there are any in your area naturalist, protectionist or a member of WWF, which has this kind of paranoia, let him live, you'll be sure to listen, and if you can convince him ... We hope that this example will serve to give birth to other regulations that prohibit the trade in turtles. It is up to you readers to involve the right people. The environmental reasons, if they serve to achieve the result, are equally good, even now, like it or not are more effective than ethical.

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