Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 The Fallen Goddesses

Be Yourself. Or if you can not, do the cover. Young @

Not cool dressing up as another person, posing as another person, mimicking another person. 're cool if you understand that this is really you and try to defend your one and only true originality.

The bands and musicians who make covers and tributes , presenting repertoire without any input personalein not really make any gift, no tribute to the musician reference. Offend him. Because if

Rock n Roll has never taught us anything, is to try your way.
to be yourself. In the face of all.

the face of the world.

Be Yourself. Or if you can not, avoid pretending to be another . Make sure the most beautiful figure.

you are not 'cool' by dressing like a cool person, by wearing your cap backwards, or wearing your underpants Higher Than your trousers. If You Want to be cool ... figure out who you are and stop Trying to be
Best comment from Youtube Psycho Killer,


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