Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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you online?

"you're online?"

risks and opportunities from the use of social networks and the Internet
Friday, March 11
0re 20.45
Hall Civic Square Commessaggio Italy, a

Information evening addressed to students and families on the use and abuse of computer connectivity offered by the internal t, aimed at data protection sensitive to the knowledge of the dynamics of the relationship between distance to bloggers, the regulatory aspects required by national and international laws.

program of the evening

Dr. Andrea Sanfelici - Mayor of Commessaggio
Teacher Institute including Sabbioneta

Postal Police Mantova

What risks and how to protect the existing regulatory system and new features coming.

Laura Ceglia - What bloggers
social networks as they work?

Fabrizio Dal Borgo - The Web 2.0 blogger

synthesis capacity of social networks in a positive and negative
We try to build a profile.

Dott.Massimo Mantovan i - Service Area Plan
child protection The use and abuse of social networks in the relations between parents and children.

At the end of the interventions will be left for questions and requests for investigation.

All students and parents of the Comprehensive Gazzuolo, Commessaggio, Sabbbioneta are invited to attend.


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